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Updated 7 April 2020

ANZ is one of the big name banks in New Zealand. However, ANZ is more than just a big bank brand. With some of New Zealand's best known financial brands under the ANZ umbrella – including OnePath, ANZ Investments, UDC Finance, Bonus Bonds and ANZ Securities – this is a company that enjoys remarkable scale, diversity, resources and influence.

How big is ANZ exactly? ANZ happens to be one of New Zealand's largest companies based on profit and assets. As a whole, it accounts for around 1% of New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while employing around 9,000 people throughout the country. Unsurprisingly, given its reach, nearly one in two New Zealanders have a banking relationship with one of the ANZ brands.

But, with great size comes great responsibility. Fortunately, this is something ANZ says it takes very seriously indeed. Its commitment to corporate responsibility means applying sustainable business practices in order to deliver better outcomes for its customers, its staff, the environment and the communities in which it operates.

It also delivers a number of initiatives, taking pride in making a major contribution to the communities it serves. Through its volunteering programme, its people have provided more than 16,000 volunteer hours for a range of community organisations in the past financial year. In addition to this, staff fundraising has generated over $15 million for The Cancer Society since 1990, and its sponsorship of Daffodil Day is one of New Zealand's longest-running sponsorships.

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ANZ Cashback Visa Credit Card

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ANZ Cashback Visa Platinum Credit Card

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ANZ Low Rate Visa Credit Card

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What does ANZ offer?

One of the biggest things ANZ offers is familiarity. ANZ is a name all New Zealanders know. It’s a name you see everywhere, whether you’re watching the cricket on TV or wandering through your local shopping centre: ANZ and its big blue brand is there. When it comes to banking, that familiarity – that understanding of the sheer size of the bank you are with – can be comforting.

With that size also comes range. As a big bank, ANZ can offer a much broader range of banking products than you may find at smaller financial institutions. From personal loans and home loans, to bank accounts and credit cards, as a bigger bank, ANZ can offer more choice to its customers, allowing them to find the financial products that match their needs.

Which ANZ credit card is right for you?

While ANZ certainly offers a wide range of financial products, we’re here to talk about credit cards. So, what types of credit cards does ANZ offer?

Low Cost Credit Cards

A low cost card is one that has a low interest rate or a low annual fee, or both. While these cards tend to be simple in their offering – keeping features to a minimum – they can offer a great way to save on outgoing costs, while still enjoying access to credit. Typically, these cards also have a lower minimum income requirement, so can work well for those who earn less.

Is a low rate card right for you? If you tend to carry a balance on your credit card, it’s best to keep your interest costs to a minimum so you can focus on paying off what you owe, rather than adding to it with interest. A card with a low interest rate could help with that.

Is a low annual fee card right for you? If you want to save money on outgoing costs, a card with a low annual fee could help. Instead of paying a higher annual fee for a card with lots of features, you could save with a simpler, low fee option.

If a low cost option sounds like it might work well for you, check out the ANZ Low Rate Visa.

Rewards Cards

Rewards cards allow cardholders to earn rewards on their credit card spending. These rewards can come in a number of forms, for example, you could earn cashback on your spending, or you could earn points that can be redeemed for rewards within a rewards programme.

Is a cashback rewards card right for you? If you want to earn something on your card spending but don’t want to be tied into a complex rewards programme, a cashback rewards card could provide a worthy alternative. You can earn a percentage of your card spending back each year to spend as you like, easy as that.

Check out the ANZ Cashback Visa or the ANZ Cashback Visa Platinum for more.

Is a rewards card right for you? If you are a frequent flyer, a card that earns points on a rewards programme such as Airpoints could be worth checking out. With these cards, you earn Airpoints Dollars on your card spending, which can then be redeemed within the Airpoints programme for flights and upgrades, merchandise and more.

Take a look at the ANZ Airpoints Visa or the ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum to get more info.

Platinum Cards

Platinum cards tend to offer more features and extras, but they also have a higher annual fee and a higher minimum income requirement. Platinum features could include airport lounge access, overseas travel insurance and better earn rates when earning rewards.

Is a platinum card right for you? Platinum cards vary in their offering, with some offering basic extras and others offering extravagant features. If you want more from your card – and don’t mind the higher price tag – a platinum option could be for you.

For platinum features from ANZ, check out the ANZ Cashback Visa Platinum and ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum.

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