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Updated 11 August 2020

As one of the countries biggest banks, Westpac is a name all Kiwis know. From the sky to the sports stadium, from the farm to the city, you can see Westpac’s name on the side of rescue helicopters, supporting the All Blacks at Westpac Stadium, checking out the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, or simply sitting at a bus stop on your morning commute. That W is everywhere.

So where did Westpac come from? Westpac has a history that goes back to 1861, where it played an integral role in the Otago gold rush. Over the decades, it has grown as New Zealand has grown, serving New Zealand’s communities to officially become Westpac in 1982, when the big names of the Bank of New South Wales with the Commercial Bank of Australia merged.

Today, Westpac has more than 1.2 million customers, to whom it provides an extensive range of personal and business banking products, while keeping up to date with the latest innovations in banking technology. From home loans to credit cards, insurance to investments, Westpac has its customers covered.

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Westpac Low Rate Mastercard

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Westpac Credit Cards

As a big bank, Westpac is able to provide a wide range of credit cards, allowing those who need a credit card to find just the right card for them. Here are some of the options available.

Low Rate Cards

A low rate card offers cardholders the potential to save on interest when they carry a balance month to month. With a low rate of interest on purchases, it may also offer an affordable annual account fee, further helping to keep costs down. Within its low rate selection, Westpac offers the Westpac Low Rate Mastercard.

Airpoints Cards

Airpoints credit cards allow cardholders to earn Airpoints Dollars on their card spending, and can work well for those who travel frequently with Air New Zealand. While there are basic, no frills options, such as the Westpac Airpoints Mastercard, prestige options such as the Westpac Airpoints Platinum Mastercard and Westpac Airpoints World Mastercard can offer more in the way of features and extras.

hotpoints Cards

Offering a more flexible option to cardholders who want to earn rewards outside the Airpoints programme, hotpoints cards earn points within Westpac’s own rewards programme. Again, basic options like the Westpac hotpoints Mastercard focus on rewards over features, while the Westpac hotpoints Platinum Mastercard and Westpac hotpoints World Mastercard provide more enticing extras.

Business Cards

Business cards can offer an easy way for business owners to separate business and personal spending, while managing their cash flow more effectively. Westpac’s business credit cards also allows cardholders to earn either Airpoints Dollars with the Westpac Airpoints Business Mastercard, or hotpoints with the Westpac BusinessPlus Mastercard.

Credit Card Rewards

Earning Airpoints Dollars

Westpac offers a range of credit cards linked to the Air New Zealand’s Airpoints loyalty programme, allowing cardholders to earn Airpoints Dollars on their day to day card spending. While it may focus on Air New Zealand-based rewards, the programme offers a wide range of redemption options.

Flights: Members can redeem Airpoints Dollars on almost any flight with Air New Zealand, as well as select Star Alliance flights.
Upgrades: Airpoints Dollars can be redeemed for upgrades to make travel all the more enjoyable on both Air New Zealand flights, and flights with select partner airlines.
Airpoints Store: Offering a huge range of merchandise options, the Airpoints Store is the place to swap Airpoints Dollars for anything from electronics and homewares, to fashion and gift cards.
Mitre 10: Members interested in DIY can redeem their Airpoints Dollars direct at Mitre 10, both instore and online.
Other Partners: Airpoints Dollars can be redeemed with various Airpoints partners for anything from travel insurance and rental cars to fine wine and spirits.

Earning hotpoints

Offering an alternative to Airpoints, Westpac has its own rewards programme called hotpoints. Again, Westpac provides a range of card options for cardholders looking to earn points on the hotpoints programme, with redemption options ranging from gift cards and merchandise, to travel via Flight Centre.

Travel: Offering a flexible option for cardholders looking to take a trip, hotpoints can be redeemed direct at Flight Centre for flights with any carrier, accommodation, car hire and more. Travel gift cards and Holiday Credits provide further ways to use hotpoints for travel.
hotpoints Store: Cardholders can redeem hotpoints within the hotpoints Store for anything from home appliances and homewares, to sports equipment and beauty items. Gift cards from a wide variety of retailers are also available.
KiwiSaver: Cardholders looking to save can use hotpoints to contribute to their Westpac KiwiSaver account.
Donations & Gifting: There is also the option to gift hotpoints to charity, or to friends and family members.

To find out more about Westpac’s range of credit cards, simply click on each card’s page to get info on fees and features in detail.

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