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Updated 11 August 2020

Kiwibank is 100% New Zealand owned, making it the bank that New Zealanders can call their own. It launched back in 2002, aiming to offer a better banking alternative to those who wanted real value for money, from a bank that had Kiwi values at heart.

Setting up in PostShops across the country, Kiwibank started out with more locations than any other bank in New Zealand. Aside from saving money on premises, this also allowed Kiwibank to stay open longer than other banks, even on weekends in many places.

Today, Kiwibank retains its nationwide presence, with branches in more than 250 PostShops, a nationwide ATM network, and a staff of more than 1000 employees. Offering a wide range of personal and business banking products, it has more than 800,000 customers, with hundreds more joining each week.

What does Kiwibank offer?

Kiwibank provides a full range of accounts and services to both business and personal customers.

Within its personal banking range, it offers home loans, personal loans, credit cards, everyday accounts, savings accounts, investments and insurance.
Within its business banking section, it offers lending, cheque accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, investments, merchant services and insurance.
Within its range of international services, it offers online and manual international money transfers, foreign exchange and foreign currency accounts.

Of course, these products are backed by all the services you would expect from a big bank, including internet, phone and mobile banking; text and email alerts; online and email statements; and ATM access throughout New Zealand.

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Kiwibank Zero Credit Card

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Kiwibank Low Rate Credit Card

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Kiwibank Platinum Visa Credit Card

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1 review
points earned over 12 months

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points earned over 12 months

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points earned over 12 months

Why choose Kiwibank?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to Kiwibank, take a look at some of the reasons why its customers choose Kiwibank over other banks in New Zealand.

It challenges old ideals: Many of the big banks in New Zealand are owned by established, foreign-owned financial giants. Kiwibank believes this is a drawback, forcing those banks to be led by old fashioned thinking. Challenging those old ideals, Kiwibank says it brings a fresh way of thinking to banking in New Zealand – and its customers agree. It has been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Bank three years in a row at the Readers Digest Trusted Brand Awards.

It is Kiwi owned: Kiwibank is 100% Kiwi owned, allowing it to keep money where it belongs – right here, in New Zealand.

It prides itself on value and service: Kiwibank has taken home a number of awards over the years, showing just how seriously it takes its goal of offering both value and service. Some recent accolades include the Customer Satisfaction 2017 award and the CANSTAR First Home Buyers Bank of the Year 2018 award.

It is innovative: Ushering in a number of firsts to the banking world, Kiwibank was the first to introduce real time mobile phone banking, beating the world's biggest banks to win the international 2007 Financial Innovation Award. It was also the first bank in New Zealand to launch a PIE Term Deposit Fund, TXT alerts and online international money transfers.

It gives back: With a strong sense of community, Kiwibank partners with other like-minded Kiwi businesses with the aim of making New Zealand a better place, working to protect the environment, to build financial literacy and to celebrate extraordinary Kiwis.

What credit cards does Kiwibank provide?

If you like the the sound of all that, Kiwibank may just be the card provider for you. Check out the range of Kiwibank credit cards below to find the one that will suit you best.

Low Rate Cards: Low rate cards offer a low purchase rate, helping cardholders to save on interest when they carry a balance. While they may offer fewer features, these money savers can still offer the basics, while allowing access to credit.

No Annual Fee Cards: A no annual fee card from Kiwibank could be the ideal option for cardholders looking to keep outgoing costs down. Typically a basic option, these cards can work well for cardholders who use their card infrequently, or who want to keep a card for emergencies.

Airpoints Earning Cards: Kiwibank issues a range of Air New Zealand branded credit cards, offering cardholders the opportunity to earn Airpoints Dollars, with some nice extras on the side. The platinum card in particular, provides great Airpoints extras.

Platinum Cards: A worthy option for cardholders who want more from their card, platinum cards tend to provide more in the way of features. Platinum cards that offer rewards also offer a higher earn rate, working well for bigger spenders who want to maximise their points earn.

Check out the full range of Kiwibank credit cards here on to find out more about fees and features, and to read our helpful reviews.

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