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Updated 23 September 2020

Proudly New Zealand owned, TSB has a long history going back more than 165 years. From the opening of its first branch back in 1850, TSB has expanded out of New Plymouth to offer a truly nationwide service, while remaining true to its roots by always putting its customers first.

So, what has the bank achieved along the way? Established as New Plymouth Savings Bank, it was created to provide the people of New Plymouth with independence, giving them a self-reliant bank unsupported by government expenditure or British aid.

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TSB Credit Cards

TSB Bank

Over the next 100 years or so, the bank continued to serve its customers, expanding to offer more branches across the region. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that it changed its name to Taranaki Savings Bank to reflect its extended presence.

Following that, the bank raised the stakes with a number of New Zealand firsts. It was the first bank in New Zealand to offer free, interest-bearing cheque accounts in 1975, the first bank in New Zealand to research, develop and use bank-wide, real-time computer processing in 1976, and the first bank in New Zealand to develop ATMs in 1981.

In 1985, the government proposed a merger of all 12 independent New Zealand banks, but despite intense pressure from both the government and the other banks, TSB fought for independence, ensuring it remained 100% New Zealand owned.

While the merger went ahead, the new entity didn’t prosper, ending up in the hands of an Aussie bank. Forging on ahead, Taranaki Savings Bank was renamed TSB Bank in 1989, and eventually in 1996, it became the only 100% New Zealand owned and independent bank.

Over the following years, the bank went from strength to strength, opening more branches across New Zealand, while expanding its range of banking products.

Today, TSB is well recognised in the industry, stocking its trophy cabinet with an array of awards. Most recently, the bank took home the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for Banking for the fourth year in a row, and the KPMG New Zealand Customer Experience Excellence Award.

Why join TSB?

Looking for reasons to join TSB? Here are some that may interest you.

  • TSB is 100% New Zealand owned: That means its profits stay right here in New Zealand.
  • TSB is an award-winner: Recognised for its high level of customer satisfaction, TSB is a bank that strives to make its customers happy.
  • TSB offers easy account access: Just as you would expect from a modern bank, TSB provides 24/7 access to all your accounts with mobile and online banking.
  • TSB makes it easy to access your money: You won’t be charged for using EFTPOS or ATMs nationwide (fees may apply for cash advances using your credit card).
  • TSB lets you talk: If you want to speak to a real person about your banking, you can, by calling in at a branch or calling the bank’s contact centre.

TSB Credit Cards

TSB currently has one credit card within its range, offering a basic option for cardholders who want access to credit, without having to worry about heaps of small print. Here are some features to look out for on the TSB Visa Classic Credit Card.

Low Annual Account Fee: With the TSB Visa Classic Credit Card, you will pay a low account fee every six months. This can offer an easy way to save money while you enjoy access to credit, helping you keep costs to a minimum so you don’t have to pay out extra on features you don’t use.

Interest Free Period: Like many credit cards, the TSB Visa Classic Credit Card offers an interest free period on purchases to cardholders who don’t carry a balance. Giving you up to 55 days interest free on purchases, this card allows you to be smart with the way you access credit, potentially keeping your interest costs at zero.

Worldwide Access: With Visa in its name, you know you can use the TSB Visa Classic Credit Card anywhere Visa is accepted. With more than 40 million locations across New Zealand and the world, Visa makes it easy for you to access your money both instore, online and at the ATM, should you need to.

Simple Features: The TSB Visa Classic Credit Card is a basic card, which means it keeps features simple. This can work well for cardholders who don’t want to get bogged down with complex features, and who are not interested in earning rewards. However, the card does offer the basics in both payment and security features, allowing you to use your card with confidence.

Like the sound of TSB and its credit card offering? Check out the TSB Visa Classic Credit Card to discover all the essential info regarding fees, features and more, so you can compare your options and apply.

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