No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Updated 11 August 2020

A no annual fee credit card is a type of credit card that has no annual fee, either for the life of the card, after meeting a minimum yearly spend, or over an introductory period. Typically, cards with no annual fee ever offer fewer features, instead concentrating on providing cardholders the opportunity to save money. No annual fee cards may also offer a low purchase rate, further helping to keep costs down.

Types Of No Annual Fee Cards

While some cards have no annual fee for life, others waive the annual fee either over an introductory period, or after meeting a minimum yearly spend. It’s important to understand what type of card you are signing up for, so you can work out whether it’s an affordable option over the long term, not just the short term.

No Annual Fee Ever

This type of card charges no annual fee for the life of the card. Tending to be more basic than other cards that charge annual fees, these cards generally offer only standard credit card features, such as contactless payments and security basics. However, there are some no annual fee cards that offer more, with some even offering the opportunity to earn rewards.

No Annual Fee After A Minimum Spend

These cards waive their annual fees as long as you spend over a certain amount in eligible purchases each year. As long as you are spending that amount on your card anyway – and can afford to pay it off before it attracts interest – this can offer incredible value, allowing you access to all the features the card offers, essentially for free.

No Annual Fee Offer

This type of card features an introductory offer that waives the standard annual fee for a specified period of time, usually six months to a year. After that initial intro period ends, the standard annual fee or account fee will be charged. As with any type of intro offer, it is designed to attract new cardholders, and can provide a great way to try out everything the card has to offer for free.

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No annual fee credit cards

Benefits Of A No Annual Fee Credit Card

Save Money

Obviously, one of the biggest attractions of the no annual fee card is the money it could save you. While some credit cards have annual fees that extend to hundreds of dollars each year, with this card, you pay zip. If you’re trying to keep costs down, if you want to save money on the non-essentials, this type of card could make that happen.

Access Credit For Free

There’s no rule that says you have to pay to access credit. If you’re smart, you can access credit without having to pay anything in either fees or interest. By choosing a card with no annual fee, by paying off your balance before it starts accruing interest, and by avoiding all unnecessary fees, you can access credit using your credit card without paying through the nose for the privilege.

Access Card Features For Free

Cards with no annual fee for life tend to offer basic features, but if that’s all you need, you can enjoy them all for free. Cards that waive their annual fee after meeting a minimum spend or through an intro offer, essentially allow cardholders to try out all the features on offer for free. With an intro offer, you can get a feel for a card, working out whether it’s right for you.

Earn Rewards For Free

While rewards on cards with no annual fee ever are rare, they do exist. Earning rewards on a card with a no annual fee intro offer is more common, and may even be paired with a bonus points offer. These cards allow you to earn rewards as you pay out nothing in annual fees, potentially offering awesome value.

Types Of Cardholders Suited To No Annual Fee Cards

Wondering whether a no annual fee card would suit you? Check out the following types of cardholders no annual fee cards tend to suit best.

Money Savers

These cardholders are interested in saving money. They either don’t want to spend money paying out annual fees on their credit card, or they don’t feel that a credit card is something they should have to pay money for.

Occasional Card Users

These cardholders rarely use their credit card, and may only use it once or twice a month. With this low usage, they don’t want to pay out lots in annual fees, and wouldn’t see much return in either features or rewards if they had a more expensive card.

For Emergencies Only

These cardholders only keep a credit card for emergencies. Relying on cash or their debit card day-to-day, they like to keep a credit card as back-up should a large expense come along that they can’t cover upfront.

New To Credit

These cardholders are new to credit. Suddenly having access to credit can be a heady experience, sometimes leading to mistakes with overspending. A no annual fee card with a low purchase rate can help to keep costs down, even when mistakes happen.

Only The Basics

These cardholders are not interested in fancy features or earning rewards – they simply want access to credit. As a no frills option, a no annual fee credit card can be easier to understand, with less small print to wade through than cards with complex features.

If any of these sound like you, take some time to check out the no annual fee cards offered on this page. Click, read the small print, check out the review, and apply if the card looks like a good fit. It’s that easy.

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