Warehouse Money Credit Cards

Updated 12 August 2020

After being established in the New Zealand retail space for around 40 years, The Warehouse Group acquired Diners Club NZ in 2015 and launched Warehouse Money, a new generation of financial services products.

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Warehouse Money Cards

The Warehouse Group

Establishing its first store in 1982, The Warehouse brought affordable goods to a market plagued by high import tariffs within a protected economy. As a no frills retailer, The Warehouse flourished, providing Kiwis with access to an extensive range of goods at bargain prices. It didn’t take long for this notion to take hold, as more and more Kiwis wanted to take advantage of low cost items within this ‘bargain basement’ concept.

Developing a sophisticated business model despite its plain warehouse style, the company was an early adopter of new technology and modern retailing systems. Utilising an efficient supply chain and distribution methods, The Warehouse remained an innovator in low cost delivery, which not only enabled it to sustain its competitive prices, but also expand to become a major disruptor on the retail scene.

Over the following decades, The Warehouse expanded and diversified, opening Warehouse Stationery and later acquiring Noel Leeming Group and Torpedo7, as well as a range of online shopping and retail distribution businesses. From there, it moved into the financial services market, acquiring Diners Club NZ in 2017, to launch Warehouse Money, a new generation of financial services products.

The Warehouse Credit Cards

The Warehouse currently has one credit card, with something unique to offer frequent shoppers at The Warehouse. The Warehouse Money Visa Card offers a 5% discount on all eligible purchases made using the card at The Warehouse.

Credit Card Features

In terms of features, the card focus on rewarding shoppers through discounts.

Discounted Shopping

The Warehouse Money Visa Card offers a simple way to access rewards, providing 5% off all eligible purchases at The Warehouse. While there are some purchases that do not receive this discount – such as gift cards and lottery products – the programme does allow cardholders to save money day to day as they shop at the Warehouse.

Interest Free Purchases

Like most credit cards, The Warehouse credit card offer an interest free period on purchases to cardholders who meet requirements for this feature. This allows cardholders a period of up to 55 days in which they will not pay interest on their purchases, helping them to save on everyday spending, utilising credit while keeping interest costs down.

No Annual Fee

Currently, The Warehouse Money Visa Card does not charge an annual account fee. With no annual account fee, this could be a great card to keep in your wallet, even if you don’t shop at The Warehouse that often. Whether you shop big or small, you can benefit from 5% off your purchases, as you pay nothing in account fees to keep the card.

Interested in finding out more about The Warehouse credit card? You can find out all the need-to-know info on The Warehouse Money Visa Card, right here, including fees and features, interest and discounts. You can also read our helpful review for more info before you decide whether this card is right for you.

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