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ASB Visa Business Credit Card
ASB Visa Business Credit Card

ASB Bank Credit Cards

ASB Visa Business Credit Card

Updated 7 April 2020

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Pros and cons

  • Manage cash flow better with up to 50-days interest free on purchases
  • $15 per card charged six-monthly

  • High interest rate review

Editor Review

ASB Visa Business Credit Card

Roland Bleyer
Credit Card Expert with over 15 years card experience and the founder of about this card.

The ASB Visa Business Card

Offering an effective way for businesses to manage their cashflow, the ASB Visa Business Card provides up to 50 days interest free on purchases, with worldwide acceptance via the Visa network. Accountholders can manage multiple cards within the account, providing individual credit limits for each cardholder, while tracking spending through consolidated monthly reporting.

What we love...

One of the first things to note about the ASB Visa Business Card is the fact that it provides up to 50 days interest free on purchases. This can offer businesses a more efficient way to manage cashflow, providing access to credit to those who need it, allowing them to cover purchases big and small that are essential to the day-to-day running of the business.

Whether at home in New Zealand, or overseas on business, each employee can use their card to cover essential spending thanks to Visa’s extensive global network. Of course, this also means access to other Visa features where available, such as contactless payments and Visa security essentials.

Another important feature on this card is that it allows for multiple cards on one account. Accountholders can choose which employees need a card, to then set credit limits for each cardholder. Utilising Card Manager, these limits can be set and changed at any time, while monitoring each cardholder’s transactions in real time.

With consolidated monthly reporting, accountholders are provided with a comprehensive view of their business expenditure. This allows for easy tracking of cardholder spending, while also getting an overview of how much is being spent and where. In addition to this, accountholders can set up feeds to their accounting software, such as Xero, making reconciliation easy.

What’s not so great...

Before applying for this card, it’s a good idea to think about how it will be used. If you are likely to carry a balance month to month, you should pay particular attention to the card’s purchase rate. Both the card’s purchase rate and cash advance rate are not low, so any balance in the account left unpaid will start to stack up interest.

Instead, a card like this is best paid off when each monthly statement is due. This allows you to take advantage of the card’s interest free feature, providing up to 50 days interest free when the balance is paid in full by the due date the previous month.

Why should you choose this card?

If your business needs access to a number of cards, each with individual credit limits and easy management and monitoring, the ASB Visa Business Card could be a great option. With its relatively low account fee (charged per card, every six months), it is a low cost choice that keeps it simple with only the essential features on offer.

There are some handy monitoring and management tools on offer, including consolidated monthly reporting and the Card Manager tool mentioned earlier, as well as Visa IntelliLink Spend Management, a total expense management system. If however, you want to earn rewards on your business spending, an alternative option – such as the ASB Visa Business Rewards Card – may be worth checking out.

Overall Rating

As a basic business card, the ASB Visa Business Card provides up to 50 days interest free on purchases, a relatively low account fee, multiple cards with individual limits, and easy management and tracking.

User reviews

ASB Visa Business Credit Card ( based on 2 user reviews )

42% rating based on 2 reviews

Customer Service

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Purchase rate 20.95% p.a.

Cash advance rate 22.95% p.a.

Interest free on purchases up to 50 days

Credit limits

Minimum credit limt $1,000

Maximum credit limit N/A

Fees & repayments

Annual fee $30 p.a.

Additional card holder fee $30 per card

Foreign transaction fee N/A

Minimum repayment

Cash advance fee N/A

Late payment fee $9

Additional features

Complimentary insurance

Overseas travel insurance No

Flight inconvenience insurance No

Transport accident cover No

Smartphone screen insurance No

Purchase protection insurance No

Extended warranty insurance No

Rental vehicle excess cover No


ASB Visa Business Credit Card

Key features

  • Manage cash flow better with up to 50-days interest free on purchases
  • $15 per card charged six-monthly

Minimum criteria to apply for this card

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good Credit and have not applied for multiple credit cards recently

  • Permanent Resident or New Zealand Citizen

  • You have your personal details ready to complete the online application

Roland B Bleyer

Roland B Bleyer founded in 2005 and has extensive knowledge about credit cards. He personally answers all questions and write the editor reviews for each card here. Always keen to share his passion to educate consumers and help you select better suited credit cards.

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